Conversion of a car wiper motor into a remote controlled servo for a 1/4 scale off road buggy project.


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in response. Unfortunately i don’t have the servo anymore. I gave it back to the guy I built it for so i can’t make an instructional video. I will, however, provide a description as best i can. I have built two of these using different methods. I will tell you the easiest method. There is a company called DeviceCraft that sells a modified wiper motor that allows for multiple control options through a screw terminal interface on the modified control board. We purchased one of there setups which came pre-wired with a three wire potentiometer which allowed for near immediate use with the exception of connecting a 12vdc source to the positive and negative 1/4inch connectors on the modified control board. Basically, once a 12vdc source was connected, I could manually twist the nob on the potentiometer and control the direction and position of the wiper motor to a certain degree. After about 30 degrees of rotation from the center position, it would begin to turn continuously without control. Now this wiper motor has many different options and ways to control it using a small computer control or a servo control board. I tried nearly every wiring options and switching mode available on the board and continued to result in frustration. I realized that if i just linked the standard 1/10 scale servo from my R/C controller to the included and pre-wired potentiometer, that I could save myself a lot of time and aggravation to achieve a 1:1 control ratio. As you can see in my video, i made a small bracket which allows for the potentiometer to be linked to the arm on my small scale servo. I simply drilled a hole through the side of the potentiometer nob at its neutral center position and then tapped it with a 4-40 thread. This allowed me to made a threaded arm that with another small hole for the linkage and gave further adjustment allowance so i can match the throw of the plastic servo arm on my 1/10 scale servo. I made a small linkage arm out of 1/16 inch steel rod to make the connection between the servo and the potentiometer. I then wired in the 12vdc source and connected the 1/10 scale servo to a standard R/C receiver and controller. The nice thing about this modified wiper motor is that all you need is the 12vdc power source to provide power for everything. There is an available 5vdc regulated output that is on the wiper motor control board that will provide the necessary power to operate your standard R/C receiver. Otherwise, you can just use the standard 4 AA battery pack that normally powers the R/C receiver. Also, there are a few smaller potentiometers located on the wiper motor control board itself. These pots are used to adjust the speed and stop points of the wiper motors rotation. These adjustments take a little trial and error to tune properly. It is pretty simple to do. this is a pricey way to go about making the servo, but it will save you a lot of time and aggravation. I won’t go into anymore detail about my other methods because it will just become more confusing than my current explanation. I am currently working on a cheaper setup that will be a little more involved but will achieve the same results and a fraction of the price.

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Post time: Oct-22-2017
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