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The new CreteFill Pro Series of joint fillers offer the most advanced formulations of polyurea in the market today. This line offers numerous advantages over current polyurea joint fillers while maintaining the well established benefits of these products. The most unique innovation is our industry first color matching system, which allows you to match virtually any color within as little as 48 hours with no extra charge. We can do this because our joint fillers are shipped un-tinted with tint packs that you mix in at the job site while mixing the Polyol or “B-Side,” which you have to do anyway. This allows you to have maximum flexibility with your projects; no more worrying about ordering too much or too little of the color you wanted.

In addition to our color matching system, CreteFill Pro joint fillers do not smear when polished. They don’t stain concrete. They can be shaved in just thirty minutes. Application is much easier with an industry-best open time of 60 seconds, allowing for consecutive joint treatments without concern of the filler hardening within the nozzle. All products are also mixed at a 1;1 ratio, regardless of shore hardness. CreteFill Pro stabilizes to its specified shore hardness within one hour and never changes. Competing products harden over time, increasing likelihood of failure. Not a problem with the CreteFill Pro Series!

CreteFill Pro joint fillers are viscosity-matched (the A and B sides are the same consistency) allowing for quicker and more thorough mixing as the two components move through the nozzle. The CreteFill Pro Series is currently offered in five hardness levels: Shore A: 40, 65, 75, 85 & 95. With all of these innovations and advantages, you can see why CreteFill Pro Series are the most innovative and best products in the joint filler market today.

On February 15, 2011, the CreteFill Pro Series was selected as a 2011 Most Innovative Product (MIP) Award Winner. This annual award, held by the World of Concrete and Hanley Wood Business Media, the concrete construction’s largest annual events, showcases new products that bring innovation and advanced technological benefits to the concrete industry.

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